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Parenting Support

Advocacy and Education for Families

At the Daniel M. Center for Behavioral Change, we know that children succeed when they have their family’s support. We help families advocate for their children in the public school system by providing resources and support services. We also help families develop the coping strategies and parenting skills they need to enhance their children’s lives by offering workshops and support groups.

Community Advocacy

It is an unfortunate fact that children and families struggling with emotional and behavioral health issues also suffer from the stigma of mental illness. Too often, they suffer in silence.

At the Daniel M. Center for Behavioral Change, we encourage families to speak out in their communities, take advantage of the support services that are available, and develop a better understanding of how to manage mental health.

We also provide opportunities for families to come together and socialize, share their experiences, explore problem-solving strategies and learn from each other.

Parent Education

Our services includes instruction in how to cope with the behaviors that impact families on a daily basis. We offer:

  • Coping skill practice and reinforcement
  • Individualized behavioral training and techniques
  • Effective problem solving strategies and assistance

For families with children enrolled in Camp Holiday, the Resilient Families workshop and support group is strongly recommended. Subsequent parent training helps to reinforce and develop the strategies learned in the workshop.


Behavior Tools (Basic Practitioner Course)

During this highly informative and interactive course you will:

  • Identify coercion and punishment commonly use to change behavior
  • Identify the effects of coercion and punishment
  • Demonstrate the steps of the Strengthen Relationships Behavior Tool
  • Describe the benefits of using Strengthen Relationships Behavior Tool
  • Describe the value of, and demonstrate empathy statements
  • Define behavior, consequences, reinforcement and its effects
  • Demonstrate the steps of the Use Reinforcement Tool
  • Define “Junk Behavior” and discuss why it happens
  • Demonstrate the steps of the Pivot Tool

Space it limited!!! Please call our office if you would like to join us. 772-466-0051