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Individualized Education

A School Choice Option

In the typical elementary school classroom, children with emotional and behavioral disabilities do not fit in. They may be unable to pay attention, control their activity or regulate their emotions. Their often explosive behavior can by scary for everyone. Too often, these children are ostracized. They feel bad about themselves and dread going to school.

These special children need an individualized education program to help them develop the skills they need to learn, grow and change. Under the Florida Department of Education’s school choice option program, families have the right to choose a private school that meets the individual learning needs and styles of a child with emotional and behavioral disabilities.

The Daniel M. Center for Behavioral Change provides a private school option for children and families struggling with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Our program also provides individualized tutoring for St. Lucie County Public School District students with exceptional education needs.

Positive Expectations Academy

Positive Expectations Academy is a specialized private school for children diagnosed with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities and who are experiencing significant difficulties in the general education classroom setting. Learn more.

McKay Scholarship Program

Florida’s school choice program offers McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities, providing students with special needs the opportunity to attend a participating private school. Learn more.

After School Program

Our after-school program includes help with homework, math and reading proficiency, social skills development and group activities. Learn more

Individualized Tutoring

Individualized tutoring is available for any student who qualifies for our services. If your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in the St. Lucie County Public School District, he or she may receive tutoring at Positive Expectations Academy. Learn more.