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A Mother’s Perspective

Daniel M. Center Transforms Our Future Leaders
Parents get help coping with the challenges of raising an exceptional child

Contributed by Beth C.
May 18, 2011

The most common misconception about children with behavioral, emotional and mental health issues is that the child is misbehaving and needs better parenting. Just because the child’s disability is “invisible” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. These kids my look like every other child their age, but they are not like them.

My son had problems from the time that he was very young–everything was always a struggle. He had difficulty transitioning from one thing to another, so when you got in the car he would throw a tantrum. About the time you arrived he would have adjusted, but then it would be time to transition again, and that would set him off again.

It is difficult when you have a child with outbursts to have people to your home, because of the potential for issues to arise. It’s difficult for parents of kids without these issues to understand, so you tend to feel isolated. The Daniel M. Center gives you a place to talk about these feelings with the staff and other parents who are going through some of the same struggles.

And my son, as a result of being at the center, transformed and responded to positive reinforcement, which made him more successful in school and better ale to cope at home as well. The Daniel M. Center is a unique resource in the community. It is my belief that these children are our future leaders in the community, and they need this facility to reach their full potential.

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