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Jonathan’s Story

Daniel M. Gives Every Child A Chance
Alternative education setting helps kids with behavior problems

By Wendy Dwyer for Hometown News
July 31, 2009

Being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and as bipolar before kindergarten is hard on the entire family. For Jonathan Taylor and his family, it was almost too much to handle. Every member of the family was bruised and feeling very beaten. They had tried as many avenues of assistance as possible and still Jonathan was out of control, unhappy and the entire family was suffering. Finally, April Taylor heard about the Daniel M. Center for Behavioral Change (DMCBC) and learned about Camp Holiday, a special care center for children like Jonathan with mental health challenges which might be able to help her son. It was a small light in a very long tunnel, but April was willing to give it a try.

“I was the toughest little kid you have ever met,” admits Jonathan. “But when they told me they were taking me to a camp, I was all over it – camp is fun, right?” He laughs now, but admits that the first day was a challenge because, even though there were loads of activities and lots of kids around for company and fun, there were also guidelines and lots of structure; neither of which Jonathan wanted. “I was a monster that day,” he recalls, “really acting out and just being difficult. When my mom picked me up that first day I told her I was not going to go back. Fortunately, she won that argument. I was so surprised when I walked in the next day and everyone was still happy to see me and, all of a sudden, I felt like I belonged there – like I was a valued member of the family.” From that point on, April had hope and Jonathan had a chance for success.

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