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Camp Holiday

Saturday Respite Care

2 Saturdays per Month  **Please Check Out The “Calendar of Events” tab for scheduled dates**
8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Please pack your child a lunch

Respite revitalizes the spirit and rests the soul.

Camp Holiday provides full day respite care, during the school year and also during spring  break. This gives families and caregivers a temporary break from day-to-day demands and stress placed on the family unit due to the emotional and behavioral instability of the child. It allows parents to spend time with the other children helping to enhance a sense of normalcy, and the children have a fun-filled stress-free day in a safe and caring environment.

Many children with emotional and behavioral disabilities are unable to attend day camps and other enrichment programs, because staff are not trained to manage their behaviors. The Camp Holiday Respite staff has the sensitivity and training to make their stay a positive experience. We have a 1:8 adult-to-child ratio, so children get the extra care they need.

Camp Activities

Camp Holiday Respite offers social skill development skills, as well as group activities such as team sports and arts and crafts projects. These activities build self esteem, positive self-imaging and appropriate peer relationships. Children discover new friends, challenging adventures and self confidence.

Family Relief

Respite offers families a sense of normalcy, a chance to recuperate and the encouragement to believe that they have the support of their community.

Admission Requirements

This program serves children who are 3-12 years of age and have a diagnosis of an emotional and/or behavioral issues.

  • Children ages 3-5 are not required to have an official diagnosis
  • Children ages 6-12 must have an emotional and/or behavioral disability diagnosed by a licensed mental health services provider
  • Children must have an IQ of 75 or above
  • Intake Packet

*****Due to our 1:8 ratio, it is necessary  that you sign your child up for each of the Respite dates they will attend. Please make sure they are on the list no later than the WEDNESDAY prior to the scheduled Respite date.*****